Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cuzco Complete! Pink and Black Cuzco

Hi All!

Apologies on reporting on this sooner - February sped by quicker than I realized.  

In my previous post, I relayed that I was working on a version of Kate Spain's Cuzco in pink and black.

Here is the final product:

The front...
and here's the back:
The back.  

 I felt like with the front, the back fabric should be busy because the quilting was going to be a little bit of everything.  I used almost every decorative stitch on the Opal 670, so each block is different.  

A variety of stitches.

 I *LOVED* this particular stitch; it looks like a little sunburst.  I think if I do another Cuzco, I would use this stitch all over.  At least as the stitch in the ditch stitch.  My biggest complaint for this quilt was not the fabric or the pattern, it was the fact that with the new machine, it wiggled as I quilted.  I think I am going to try the spray basting stuff next time.  I also need to find an insert or an inset table for my machine.   

This was my favorite!
Anyway! This came out to a perfect lap size, nearly 60 inches by 60 inches.  I deviated from the final pattern and add a slightly thicker boarder (3.5 inches).  I felt like it showcased the actual pattern better. 

Since I was in a hurry, I flipped the back over as the binding.   I found the 'instructions' at Quilting in the RainTried something new and it worked!  In fact, if I could I would bind all of my quilts this way!  I forgot to take a picture of the binding, but I was able to use one of the decorative stitches to bind the back piece to the front and it looked great on the back as well as the front.   

I loved it!  

More importantly, the birthday girl loved it!  

Have you tried Cuzco yet?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A 60th Birthday Quilt - Pink and Black!

Three weeks ago, I was on the hunt to find fabric to complete a quilt.  While I didn't find the fabrics I was looking for, I did find this fun site, Fat Quarter Shop.  They offered a number of free patterns, of which, I fell in love with a Kate Spain for Moda called Cuzco.  The fabric color combinations are beautiful!  I printed out the pattern for future use....

My MIL knows that I quilt and likes to bring up a quilt that her mother made but she no longer has, as it was lost in moves and a divorce.  She is turning 60 this year.  It's a big birthday.  So, to celebrate this milestone, there is a pink and black girls only party this weekend.  

When I found out about the party, I immediately knew what I would be giving my MIL for this birthday: a pink and black version of Cuzco.  Since I needed to find all of the material quickly, I headed out to Joanns on MLK day.  The fabric was on sale and I could use my 30% off total purchase coupon.  Doesn't get any better than that!  (Unless it's free, but it was pretty close at this point)

I picked out 9 different blacks and 9 different pinks.  You would think this would be easy, but alas, all blacks don't match and all pink don't go together.  I purchased  at least half yards of all of the fabrics; a couple of them were end of the bolt, so I was able to get a deeper discount on the little bits past half a yard.  
Ironed and ready to go!

I cut more 2.5 inch wide (by WOF) strips than I needed:

Really, it worked out for the best, because I realized that I prepared all of the pink strips to match only one of the blocks.  I also only needed 8 of each color.  I saved a print that was more red than pink for a future project.  The extra black pattern, a paisley -ish print, will be the back of the quilt.  
Two down, seven to go! 
Once I caught the mistake on the pink blocks, I was able to correct the issue with the black blocks.  At this point, I have more than enough strips to do one of two things: make a second black and pink Cuzco quilt OR a different strip quilt.  

I'll be posting a picture of the finished top in the next couple of days...just need to think of a quilting design....thoughts?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Stars are Bright Quilt

This is the quilt I've been working on for over a and on, but none the less, my goal is have it completed in the next couple of months. 

The pattern (Star Power in the April 2009 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting) was nothing too complicated; just fat quarters.  I traced the star pattern on to freezer paper and then did a 'stack and whack' kind of move.  While the pattern called for 13 fat quarters, somehow I end up with 14 stars.  Oh well!  Keeps it interesting.   You can find the template and the instructions for the stars here.  

From American Patchwork and Quilting 'Crazy Stars'

The project calls for one to shuffle the top piece of fabric around the star to back of the pile.  I did this part at the very beginning.  For the most part, I was happy with the combinations, but every once and a while I would adjust the fabric combinations to my liking.  Still ended up with 14 different fabric combinations.  I did run out of one of my fabrics.  I'm not sure if I used too much of the fat quarter, or it was a small fat quarter.  See if you can figure out which of the blocks has a different fabric in it in the photo below....

Using my felt wall, I organized the stars in a pattern that I felt was pleasing to the eye. I ended up with three gold blocks, two green blocks, two floral blocks and the rest, purple.  This is how I organized my blocks: 

So close, but still so very far away....
You can see the sashing pieces in the photo.  I learned that a design wall was vital to this quilt's outcome.  I took multiple photos once everything was up on the wall because I have a two and half year old that likes to help.  I printed out one of the pictures as a reference when I started piecing together the blocks. 

I also learned about 'scant' 1/4 inch seams during this project.  My mom helped me square up the sashing pieces; some of them came out small.  Turns out, I was using normal 1/4 inch seams, when a scant 1/4 inch should have been used. Lesson learned!  Since sewing the pieces together, I've had to double stitch some of them as they are not all the same size.  

These are the blocks put together so far:
Not too shabby!
The stars are one row; the sashing is a separate row right now.  

I'll keep posting as the project comes to completion.  Not sure about what color(s) to use for the backing.  Thoughts?