Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Transportation Quilt

2009 was the year of baby quilts...  

Shortly after finishing the red, white, and blue Peanuts quilt for my (impending, at the time) niece, one of my coworkers announced she was pregnant with her first child.  Knowing this couple’s love of the outdoors and fishing/boating, I really was hesitant to start work on the quilt before they knew the sex of Baby B. 

Well, it was soon announced that Baby B was a boy, and it wasn't too hard to plan what kind of quilt pattern and fabric design to use.   The expectant mother planned on a transportation theme for the nursery; think planes in the air, trucks and cars on the roads, and boats in the water.

The fabric is from Joanns.  Solids are from the Symphony Broadcloth Solids line.  Apparently, Joanns no longer sells the other two fabrics, at least not online. 

Since the recipient was a boy, I went with ROY G BIV minus the last two colors (I and V) for the solids.  The rows on the diagonal alternate the anchors and boats fabrics.  

The quilting is just a diagonal solid line set on the seams.  I used a variegated rainbow thread by Coats & Clark.        

I love the bright solids in this quilt, since babies do not see very clearly for the first couple of months of life.  The design on the backing is great for playing “I spy” as the baby grows.  The little anchors and boats on the blue background pull the theme together.  This quilt provides both a place for a fun tummy time or to just be a snuggly wrap.    
Fun side note:  Baby B is the older brother of this quilt’s recipient!

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