Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Welcome Addition.....


On Saturday, I said I would post more about my stars quilt on Sunday, but I didn't! 


Because I went out to peruse new sewing machines and ended up purchasing one!  Meet my newest addition, a Husqvarna Viking Opal 670:

From the Husqvarna website

Honestly, it was not an expected purchase, although I've been looking for the last 6 months.  After talking to my mom, who has a Janome, and my cousin, who has a quilting/embroidery capable Brother (Babylock?), I grappled with the type of investment I wanted to make.  While I love the idea of having the option of embroidery, I thought that jumping from my Singer Featherweight 221 to something like an embroidery machine was a very large leap in terms of technology and machine size.

I ended up purchasing the Viking from a retailer within Joanns.  It seemed to be reasonably priced, and didn't come with any perks.  By perks, my mom ended up with a custom fit table and extra accessories when she purchased her Janome.   The retailer offers classes on how to use the machine and will service it if needed. 

Don't get me wrong; I love my Singer, and plan on having it service next month.  I'll probably use it to teach EllaBell to sew.  I think the Viking is a stepping stone to a larger, fancier machine in the future.  

So, I spent Sunday figuring out how it works.  I’m sure this seems like a ‘duh’ issue here, but going from a machine that was around before computers, to working on something that is a little computer, is quite a change!  It really is ready out of the box.  The manual was fairly easy to read – thank goodness!   

One of my practice pieces

My likes of this machine so far: 
  • the automatic thread cutter,
  • the bobbin winding feature,
  • ease of changing the foot,
  • ease of lowering the feed dogs,
  • the number of decorative stitches, and
  • the back stitch option. 
The feature that I LOVE: the self-adjusting thread tension!     

This will end up as a pot holder - its's the extra star from the "Stars are Bright"!

Any tips on using my new Opal?  

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