Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Stars are Bright - my quilt started in 2012

For the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting more about projects I've started or projects from the past, as my wonderful 60-something year old Singer Featherweight 221 goes to the shop.  

I'm a little bummed about giving her up for at least two weeks.  Really, she needs it - there's a thread stuck behind the bobbin area that I cannot get out.  And she's never been professionally cleaned.  I'm hoping that the shop in Humble will be able to fix her up as good as new.  

Besides the news about my Singer, I'm sharing a quilt I started last year.  Yeah, early 2012; it's about to have it's own 1st birthday.  It's not really a UFO....I started cutting out the fabric and just got busy with life.  Finally, to balance out the stress of classwork last semester, I picked the pieces back up....

Hanging out on the felt wall
This was one of the hardest quilts I've worked on so far in my quilting experience.  It looks so simple when placed on the wall, so why is it one of the hardest?  

The pattern, which I'll post about tomorrow, called for 13 different, but coordinating, fat quarters.  I had plenty to choose from....but I wanted something that would pop.  I knew that I would be using green and purple, but what else went along with those two colors?  I noticed that one of the purples had little flecks of gold.....which is when I remembered that I purchased several gold fat quarters for use in a Hanukkah quilt.  Since that quilt has not been designed yet, I figured I would pull out some of those gold fat quarters for this quilt.  

And that color combination worked!  Now, I have to say that at least four of the fabrics in the quilt are from a coordinating set, so really, choosing the purple and green combination was not too hard.  Finding the right golds with the 'right' patterns....that was not as easy.  Two of the gold fabrics that I used are light, with flowers or swirls, but one of the golds (see in the lower right corner) is a bit strong.  But I think it works.

I happened to purchase a white fabric with little yellow, coral, and fuschia squares as a close out bolt from Joanns; it ended up helping bring the stars together.  I'm not even sure how I ended up with the coral fat quarter that end up as the outer triangles.  I think it randomly jumped into my basket during a shopping trip, and I figured it was better to hang onto it than take it back.     

How do you choose your color combinations?  

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