About the blog

How it all began...

CraftyQuiltyCool springs from the hundreds of photos taken of various craft and quilting I discovered on my camera and computer.  Rather then going old school and printing them all out, I decided to start blogging about them.  Everything is public these days, anyways, right?  These projects are a mix of old and new, over the course of the last ten years or so, to today.  While I currently follow patterns, I'm working on developing my own patterns and designs.  

I learned most everything I know about quilting and crafting from my mom and my grandmothers.  I currently sew on my grandmother's handed down Singer Featherweight 221.  I hope that I can pass what I've learned (and this sewing machine!) to my daughter.  

I love finding new projects and taking on more challenging designs.  While this blog will be 80-90% about crafting or quilting, I'll deviate from time to time with food and recipes.  Yum!  

Who is the person behind the blog...

It's me - Rebecca Miller! (2009)

Yeah, that does say 2009 in the caption.  But guess what?  I haven't change much, only now I have a mini-me: 
Rebecca and EllaBella (2011)

I'm married to a great guy, who is very tolerant of my crafting and quilting money pits hobbies.  He's so tolerant of said hobbies, that I've started using the dining room table for my projects, and so far, he's been pretty cool with it.  

Looking forward to sharing with everyone who stops by!  

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