So, you're looking at my Quilty page.....

Did you know that you, too, can be the proud giver or receiver of a custom made baby quilt?

Here's how it works:

1.  We work together on the theme, colors, and pattern of the quilt.  

2.  I come up with two to three patterns that 'fits' the theme and colors and send it to you.  Pricing for each pattern will also be included.

3.  Once I have the OK from you, quilt construction will commence.  Delivery will be from 4-6 weeks after confirmation.   

What is the cost?  It depends on the fabric, and level of piecing and quilting involved:

Fabric:  Price per yard of fabric in quilting can range from $7 - 15.    
Piecing:  More intricate patterns require more time to prep, cut, and stitch.  Intricate patterns also include applique.   
Quilting:   Can range from 'stitch in the ditch' (along the seam lines) to various patterns.  

Expect that a typical crib sized quilt will start at $35 and go higher.  

Note:  For a crib size quilt, I need at least 10 weeks lead time.  A rush order (less than 5 weeks) will have a 25% surcharge added.  At this time, I cannot take any orders for less than 3 weeks from date of requested delivery.  

Contact me with questions!    

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